Academic profile: Doctorate
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Teaching Course Subject
Degree in Agricultural and Food Engineering 3 BROADACRE CROPS
Degree in Agricultural and Food Engineering 3 PLANT PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY
Degree in Agricultural and Food Engineering 4 BACHELOR'S THESIS


Research profile: Agronomía i Millora del Rendiment i Qualitat de Cultius Extensius
Research projects Start date End date Main researchers
Fertilidad de espigas en trigo: rol de genes promisorios, variabilidad en material elite, plasticidad y compensaciones 01/09/2022 31/08/2025 ROXANA SAVIN PARISIER, GUSTAVO ARIEL SLAFER LAGO
Publications Year Authors Type
Changes in soil N2O emissions and nitrogen use efficiency following long-term soil carbon storage: Evidence from a mesocosm experiment 2024 Kelley, L.A.; Zhang, Z.; Tamagno, S.; Lundy, M.E.; Mitchell, J.P.; Gaudin, A.C.M.; Pittelkow, C.M. Article d'investigació
Environmental variables controlling biological nitrogen fixation in soybean 2024 Ambrosini, V.G.; Ciampitti, I.A.; Fontoura, S.M.V.; Tamagno, S.; de Moraes, R.P.; Schwalbert, R.A.; Urquiaga, S.; Bayer, C. Article d'investigació
Temporal variation of soil N supply defines N fixation in soybeans 2023 Moro Rosso, L.H.; de Borja Reis, A.F.; Tamagno, S.; Correndo, A.A.; Prasad, P.V.V.; Ciampitti, I.A. Article d'investigació
Retrospective study in U.S. commercial sorghum breeding: II. Physiological changes associated to yield gain 2023 Demarco, P. A.; Mayor, L.; Rotundo, J.L.; Prasad, P.V.V.; Morris, G.P.; Fernandez, J.A.; Tamagno, S.; Hammer, G.; Messina, C.D.; Ciampitti, I.A. Article d'investigació
Optimizing water and nitrogen productivity of wheat and triticale across diverse production environments to improve the sustainability of baked products 2022 Tamagno, S.; Pittelkow, C.M.; Fohner, G.; Nelsen, T.S.; Hegarty, J.M.; Carter, C.E.; Vang, T.; Lundy, M.E. Article d'investigació
Quantifying N leaching losses as a function of N balance: A path to sustainable food supply chains 2022 Tamagno, S.; Eagle, A.J.; McLellan, E.L.; van Kessel, C.; Linquist, B.A.; Ladha, J.K.; Pittelkow, C.M. Article d'investigació
Selection for yield shifted the proportion of oil and protein in favor of low-energy seed fractions in soybean 2022 Tamagno, S.; Sadras, V.O.; Aznar Moreno, J.A.; Durrett, T.P.; Ciampitti, I. A. Article d'investigació
Predicting nitrate leaching loss in temperate rainfed cereal crops: Relative importance of management and environmental drivers 2022 Tamagno, S.; Eagle, A.J.; McLellan, E.L.; van Kessel, C.; Linquist, B.A.; Ladha, J. K.; Lundy, M.E.; Pittelkow, C.M. Article d'investigació
Does the critical N dilution curve for maize crop vary across genotype x environment x management scenarios? - a Bayesian analysis 2021 Ciampitti, I.A.; Fernandez, J.A.; Tamagno, S.; Zhao, B.; Lemaire, G.; Makowski, D. Article d'investigació
Relative Abundance of Ureides Differs among Plant Fractions in Soybean 2021 Moro Rosso, L.H.; Tamagno, S.; da Silva, A.L.; Torres, A.R.; Schwalbert, R. A.; Ciampitti, I.A. Article d'investigació
Allometric Analysis Reveals Enhanced Reproductive Allocation in Historical Set of Soybean Varieties 2020 Tamagno, S.; Sadras, V.O.; Ortez, O.A.; Ciampitti, I.A. Article d'investigació
Historical trend on seed amino acid concentration does not follow protein changes in soybeans 2020 de Borja Reis, A. F.; Tamagno, S.; Moro Rosso, L. H.; Ortez, O. A.; Naeve, S.; Ciampitti, I. A. Article d'investigació
Dynamics of oil and fatty acid accumulation during seed development in historical soybean varieties 2020 Tamagno, S.; Aznar Moreno, J.A.; Durrett, T.P.; Vara Prasad, P.V.; Rotundo, J.L.; Ciampitti, I.A. Article d'investigació
Soybean Nitrogen Sources and Demand During the Seed-Filling Period 2019 Ortez, O.A.; Tamagno, S.; Salvagiotti, F.; Prasad, P.V.V.; Ciampitti, I.A. Article d'investigació
Soybean yield response to Bradyrhizobium strains in fields with inoculation history in Southern Brazil 2019 Ambrosini, V.G.; Fontoura, S.M.V.; de Moraes, R.P.; Tamagno, S.; Ciampitti, I.A.; Bayer, C. Article d'investigació
Interplay between Nitrogen Fertilizer and Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Soybean: Implications on Seed Yield and Biomass Allocation 2018 Tamagno, S.; Sadras, V.O.; Haegele, J.W.; Armstrong, P.R.; Ciampitti, I.A. Article d'investigació
Nutrient Partitioning and Stoichiometry in Soybean: A Synthesis-Analysis. 2017 Tamagno, S.; Balboa, G.R.; Assefa, Y.; Kovács, P.; Casteel, S.N.; Salvagiotti, F.; García, F.O.; Stewart, W.M.; Ciampitti, I.A. Article d'investigació
Genotype and Nitrogen Effects over Maize Kernel Hardness and Endosperm Zein Profiles 2016 Gerde, J.A.; Tamagno, S.; Di Paola, J.C.; Borrás, L. Article d'investigació
Crop Management Options for Maximizing Maize Kernel Hardness 2016 Tamagno, S.; Greco, I. A.; Almeida, H.; Paola, J. C. D.; Borrás L. Article d'investigació
Physiological Differences in Yield Related Traits between Flint and Dent Argentinean Commercial Maize Genotypes. 2015 Tamagno, S.; Greco, I.A.; Almeida, H.; Borrás, L. Article d'investigació